Sunday, 30 October 2016

Halloween DIY – Sparkly Spider Web Mason Jars

This Halloween DIY is easy to do, and the result is so pretty! In fact pictures do not do them justice, if you love lots of sparkles then trust me, you will love these, especially when you can look inside at all the glittery goodness at the end. The best part is they don’t have to be perfect, in fact I think a bit of imperfection is actually better for a project like this. They are a pretty glittery DIY with a Halloween twist. Here is a step-by-step tutorial!

First you will need a few items, these were all easy to get, in fact I purchased everything for convenience, as I went to the shops because I needed them faster, but in hindsight I could have probably bought everything even cheaper online.

Items needed:
  • 2 Mason Jars with Lids (or as many as you want depending on how many you want to make). – Mine were from Kmart.
  • Silver Fine Glitter – I got mine from Spotlight but any craft shop will probably have this.
  • Paint Marker – I got mine from Officeworks.
  • Craft Glue (that dries clear and is not flammable, for safety :)) – Also from spotlight but again any craft shop.
  • Sticky Tape
  • 2 White Tealight Candles
  • Halloween Themed Printed Pictures – Just get free ones from google images and adjust these to size.
Step 1: 
You will need one of your mason jars, the paint marker, the printed pictures, and sticky tape. 

Make sure your printed picture can fit inside your jar, and is the size you want it. Stick the sticky tape on the front on the picture, as shown. You can use double sided tape for this or normal sticky tape, I just used normal sticky tape and folded it over. Then stick it inside your mason jar to the sides, so the picture is visible through the glass (you may want to add more sticky tape once you’ve stuck it down). And basically you’re going to copy it on the outside of the glass with your paint marker, just like tracing. When you’re trying to copy it, it helps if you hold the picture down, against the jar, with your hand inside the jar.  If you’re brave enough to do it without the picture, you can also do that, but my artistic abilities were not turning out as well as I would have liked them so I went with the picture. Once you’re happy with it remove the picture from the inside of the jar. Repeat with other pictures around the jar, if you want more than one picture (I did one on the back too).

Step 2:
This is the messy part, glitter was everywhere in my hair, hands, face, but it’s worth it. You will need the mason jar, glue, and glitter.

First drop some glue in the sides of the jar, then spread your glue in the jar, I did not apply glue to the top part of the glass so only put glue where you want the glitter to stick. I used a paint brush to do this, but if you’re going to do a jar without a picture on the front (like the second one in the pictures below) then I would suggest maybe using your finger, because it left brush marks on the jar, that you can only see when you light it up in the dark. Then tilt your jar and try to drop the glitter around the sides, it helps if you hold the jar closer to you when you do this. If you want to spread it around a bit more then put the lid on the jar and kind of twist/shake it from side to side and up and down a little bit. The glue will dry quite fast so try to make this process pretty quick, add as much glitter as you prefer. Then leave it to dry.

Step 3:
When it’s dried completely, all your white glue will be clear, although I left mine for a while just in case. Then put your tealight in and you’re ready to light it and admire your hard work! I added these jars to accompany some other candles, but they can be used as decoration in whatever Halloween display you wish.


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