Friday, 23 December 2016

3 Easy Christmas DIYs

These Christmas DIY’s are super easy to make and so effective. They add a beautiful touch to your surroundings at Christmas and are pretty decorations, which I found were nice to add around my house.

Fairy Lights Lantern

·         Fairy lights, either battery operated or plug in, although battery operated are much easier to hide (initially I wanted to use battery operated lights so I had the ones pictured first from Big W but they weren’t long enough so I used the ones below from Ikea – white string lights).

·         Lantern – this was the Emilia White Lantern – Large from Dusk, and was $35 on sale.

·         Blu-tack

What to do: Basically just attach the fairy lights with blu-tack underneath the top of the lantern, in no particular pattern. You can also hide the battery pack in the top with blu-tack.


These are so enjoyable to do with your family or friends. I made these with my family one night, they add a real personal touch to your tree, and it’s a nice festive activity to do together.


·         Plastic baubles – Riot Art and Craft $10-20 but I’ve also seen them in dollar stores. (Make sure they are ones designed to open at the top for DIY craft projects and not actual pre-made baubles that you cannot open).

·         Anything to decorate! I used glitter, small bells, fake snow, feathers and this was all purchased from the dollar shop for not very much.

What to do: Open the tops of the baubles and just sprinkle in whatever you wish, then close them up and apply a tie or hook.

Artificial Christmas Sparkly Foliage Arrangement


·         You can use any artificial floral/plant decor that you find and combine it together, but mine were from:
Bed Bath N’ Table  - Snowy Pine – $8.34 altogether, Snowy Branch - $5.57.

·         And just any vases you wish, mine were actually ones I had from part of a floral subscription service, that they sent once.

·         You could also add coloured sand in the bottom of these.

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did, and like the finished product!

Merry Christmas!!

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