Sunday, 18 December 2016

Purchase or Pass? Rose Gold Zoeva Brushes

Rose gold has become a craze overtime, there is a lot of rose gold everywhere, which I have definitely appreciated! There is just something so beautiful about rose gold things. These brushes add to all the pretty rose gold things out there. These brushes are the prettiest I have ever seen, in looks they don’t disappoint. In fact they are even better in person. These ones are from the ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set Volume 2. They are a perfect shade of rose gold, shiny and have nice detailing added to them. In regards to overall looks I don’t believe they can be faulted. The bristles are very soft and each brush is indented with the name and number of that brush, which adds a nice finish.

The bag the brushes come with is a good addition to the product and it’s actually a really nice bag, also with rose gold detailing and a key chain that sets it off. The bag also feels nice quality and is a cross between sturdy and not being flimsy and it’s lined inside, making it nice to put the makeup brushes inside. I probably wouldn’t use it to keep brushes in, just because I like to have them on display so they are easy to reach when I’m doing my make-up. But I will keep the bag in a safe place, and probably use it for something else, it could also be really useful when you are travelling and need to take your brushes with you but want to keep them somewhere they will be safe and won’t get damaged. Overall, these brushes look and feel like very good quality, so it’s nice to know you’re paying for quality considering they come with a more expensive price tag.

I have been using these brushes, and overall I think they are really good. They are a good addition to my brushes because they filled the ones I was missing. My favourite of all these brushes are the eye makeup brushes, I think they are my favourite of the set at the moment. The crease brush blends beautifully and easily, and I feel the eye makeup brushes apply the make-up really nicely! I really do think a good brush can make a difference in application sometimes, and these eye makeup brushes certainly do. The cheek finish brush also applies make-up nicely, I used this mainly for bronzer contouring so far but I think it would also work really well with blusher.

I think there is a love-hate relationship with the fact that these brushes are white, I love that they are white because they look so beautiful and effective against the rose-gold but that means they get dirty so easily. However I feel like this just means I will need to wash them regularly and I feel like this will be a good way to force me to stay in a routine so maybe that is actually a positive. The only thing I feel this set is missing is a round powder brush, as this is something I use often. But I feel like this was not a concern for me because I did not need a powder brush. There are different rose gold sets that can be purchased from ZOEVA, they all include different brushes. I did notice recently that there was a set with a fan brush included. And I think the fan brush is probably one of my favourite things from ZOEVA at the moment, I purchased it on its own a while ago, so I would consider purchasing that set if you really liked the rest of those brushes or were looking for a fan brush in a set because I feel they are not always easy to come by for some reason, even on their own.

Overall I think these brushes really are a nice addition to your collection, they are so nice to look at and they do apply make up nicely. So if you are really thinking of investing in these brushes, then I would say they make a good and really pretty purchase!

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